We are Lovely.

Lovely is a full-service agency and design studio that focuses on creating high-quality digital experiences that change people’s lives for the better. Our true mission is to help others at any capacity we can. That’s why we donate websites and digital services to those who need it the most!

l o v e l y

Why Lovely?

Lovely is built on trust, commitment, quality, dedication, extensive research, analytics and lots of love. Whether it's a local business, a large-scale company, or someone in need of donation services, we give our all. Our mission with lovely is to provide award-winning agency style at an affordable price that small businesses and dreamers could afford. Understanding my clientele’s needs allows me to exceed their goals for them, pushing them further than they ever entailed. What makes Lovely so different? We care, genuinely. We want to see all of our clients and projects succeed and will challenge ourselves until completion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your services offered globally?

Yes! Our services are available to anyone globally. We like to keep our communication strong while working on our projects, regardless of distance. Our client relationships are very important to us at Lovely.

How quickly can my services be completed?

Completion of services is dependent on whether you are ready and have content readily available. We also help with content creation if needed. We usually estimate 4-8 weeks for a website, depending on the project. We have rush services as well that can be completed within 2 weeks. 

Do you have monthly services available?

We do! We help monetize brands digitally through social media, website upgrades, and detailed analytics. We can set up a monthly budget that allocates all of your wants and needs!

How can I go about collaborating or being featured on Lovely?

All inquiries about collaborating or being featured on our Lovely Articles can be emailed to our Co-Owner and CFO, Allison, at allison.lovelyla@gmail.com and receive a response as soon as possible! All inquiries about collaborating or being featured on our Lovely Articles.

You and your business are evolving to the next level


Finding out your exact wants and needs allows us to reach and exceed your goals affordably and stylistically.


Strategizing allows the development and design process to have clear, cut direction on what you want achieved.


Reviewing your content or lack thereof, will help us formulate and design based on functionality needs and revenue goals.


Prepare for takeoff! We will go over all of the details and refine the process so that you receive perfect results.

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